Month: June 2017

Tourettes Syndrome – explained

As a basic explanation, Tourette’s is a neurological condition in the brain, it causes you to have motor and vocal tics, which can vary from simple noises and twitches, to full blown shouting and even losing control of limbs.

Me, Tourette’s and Food

You see I’ve developed this stubborn trait where I don’t let things beat me, I always pick myself back up, even if it seams so hard.  I tell myself don’t give up…

The goal is understanding…  Not being put first or treated differently, and especially not getting fired.

Lemon Tart, TIK!

Starting with the base, you’ll want a crisp sweet pastry…  Getting a soggy bottom isn’t really amusing, so I find that ceramic baking beans work really well as they distribute heat evenly, which in-turn helps it crisp up as much as the sides.
But they retain their heat much longer than other options, (and burn you a lot easier…. Found that out the hard way).