This will be the most smoothest dessert you’ll EVER eat.

Lemon Posset
Yeah the little mint leaf is a bit pathetic I know

With only three ingredients it make a great quick BBQ whip-up (as long as you leave it to set for an hour or two).

You might be thinking that ‘It can’t be that set? there’s no gelatin.  well… FYI the Citric Acid in the lemon juice reacts with the proteins in the cream.  Science…

(yes there is protein in cream, I thought that too).

Which in turn causes it to set, but make sure you bring the cream and sugar to the boil first….  Don’t want to make that mistake again.

So, boil the cream and sugar FIRST, and oh! Add the zest as well, the boiling will bring out the yellow of the lemon a bit more.

You’ll need to strain the mix through a sieve to get rid of the zest… His job is done.

Get as much juice out of the lemons as you can and sieve that too, no seeds no pulp… Remember SMOOTHEST THING EVER.

Then pour into your desired molds that you don’t mind getting spooned… So not you’re mum’s Crystal glass wear.

If you pulled it off right, the dishes your friends left should look almost pristine.

You’ll need this:

200g Caster Sugar
600ml Double Cream
2 lemons, juiced and zested

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