So as a chef my equipment is pretty important to me, Especial my mac mighty chef knife and the few pens I posses.


(This image was taken when brand new,  the current state is the outcome of nearly two years of constant use).

A typical day would involve me arriving at work, swiftly change over into my chef gear and slip-master shoes.
Some how I still manage to slip in these…

I then move onto writing the prep list with my black ball point Parker pen, (try saying that five times in a row).  As pens are always a rare commodity I keep it tucked safely in the top of my chef jacket.  This is so I can easily bite anyone who attempts to take it…
The rest of my Must have tools consist of a Victoria Knox pastry knife, a Wustoff Knife steel, and a handy little speed peeler.

Although a chef’s tools are more important to them than the lives of anyone else in the room, the best tool anyone can have is their own hands (cheesy as it sounds).  They are durable and always get better, it’s just sad they’re not cut, burn and corner of the d**m bench proof.

But anyway, I took some time a few other chefs what their must-have tools through-out the day is.  The ones they couldn’t  live without…

As odd as it sounds, ‘spoons’ was a common answer.  I mean its so much easier for you to have a small pot of spoons during service, for the numerous pans of sauces or the odd bowl or two to stir.

Tools of the trade

Oh and you’ll need boiling water in with them, keeps them clean and sterile…
(Obviously we have a pan fresh water to switch to every 20 minutes or so… Cross contamination and all that).

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