So… I think I need to introduce myself a bit…

My name is Samuel David, to put it simple I’m a chef, I LOVE food and creating it.
I have Tourette’s Syndrome which is a neurological condition that affects my brain, causing motor and vocal tics.

This has proven difficult in a few jobs, including one where I was actually fired because of it, however I’m still here…  The best bit is that it’s now become a drive.

Vanilla panacotta

You see I’ve developed this stubborn trait where I don’t let things beat me, I always pick myself back up, even if it seams so hard.  I tell myself don’t give up…

Okay… here’s the reason for this blog and an explanation of what m going to do:

The goal is understanding…  Not being put first or treated differently, and especially not getting fired.  Just complete understanding that we are like everyone else, not just people with Tourette’s but other things like aspergers and different varieties of autism.

We may find some things more difficult than other people, like taking a test or just speaking to someone in the street.  But we can excel in other scenario’s
Look at Tim Burton, his wife (at the time) Helena Bonham Carter said that she ‘Diagnosed’ him with aspergers after watching a documentary with him.

My goal is to educate people on different mental conditions, while also expressing my passion for food.

I hope that you will join me on a journey and learn these things (as i do) over the next… Well, lets see how far we go?


Now, cake… Everyone loves it, obviously… (well if you’re vegan it’ll be hard, but i’m sure we can get around that in a future post).
Confectionery & Patisserie has always been my main skill, so you can expect a lot of it over the next… Again I can’t see the future.  I guess I’ll apologize to those who are dieting…

Pistachio Cake.jpg


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