Tourettes Syndrome – explained

If I said to someone “what’s Tourette’s?” six out of ten people would say “Isn’t that it when you swear all the time?”  A reply which only scratches the surface of TS.
My ‘tics’ swear but they also make me shout and twitch.  I’d be sat in the cinema and suddenly be looking at the ceiling, or making remarks about the ladies bad hair in front of me.

As a basic explanation, Tourette’s is a neurological Disorder in the brain, it causes you to have motor and vocal tics, which can vary from simple stuff like barks and ‘Flip Offs’  to full blown shouting and total loss of control my tics vary from (these days) barking, making a parrot impression (usually imitating people like my head chef…) And twitching my neck and face.

Vocal Tics are interesting, they can be caused my all sorts of stuff, (mainly anxiety).  But others can be that  you don’t want to tell a friend that they have a surprise party next week… or you’ve been told “NO! THATS AN AWFUL THING TO SAY!”  Which obviously makes Mr Twitch want to scream it to the moon.


Tourette’s can come with a whole side order of other disorders, maybe not all.  But more than you’d expect, I have the entourage of ADHD and OCD tendencies.  Which might not make me check everything is precisely where I left three times… but I’m very particular about notes, little details and other peoples habits… and my own.

ADHD is an absolute pain to keep in order, I could be listening to a check being called out during service… then notice a very interesting mark on someone’s whites.  Suddenly I’ve lost focus, forgotten the check, time of day and the same sentence is spiralling in my head….which I heard two years prior.

People can find different things to help tics, concentration and the other things their struggling with.  Whether its singing, drumming, skating or cooking.  If its something you enjoy and enable you’re able to concentrate on it enough… you might be onto something.


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