Tourettes Syndrome – explained

If I said to someone “what’s Tourette’s?” six times out of ten they would generally reply with “Isn’t it were you swear all the time?”  The thing is… there is no where near enough awareness of Tourette’s Syndrome in the world.  So in this post I’m going to go through the different facts and explain what Tourette’s is all about.

As a basic explanation, Tourette’s is a neurological condition in the brain, it causes you to have motor and vocal tics, which can vary from simple noises and twitches, to full blown shouting and even losing control of limbs.

My tics vary from shouting, throwing things (including myself occasionally) and of course twitching and squeaking.

As a more complicated explanation of Tourette’s, it doesn’t just come on its own, for example someone with it could also have OCD, ADD, depression and even autistic tendencies.  There is a thing called supressing tics, but that can only be done for around an hour before the tics literally burst out (depending on how much practice you have with it supressing).

Personally I don’t like suppression as it gives me a headache and aches in general, my ideal world is one where people like me don’t have to be scared of shouting something they don’t want to.

Which then suppression would not be needed…


The vocal tics are generally something someone doesn’t want to say, so if I didn’t want to shout “bang!”  I’d feel more anxious about it, which in turn would make me want to say it more and more until I eventually shouted it.

With Tourette’s its not just involuntary swearing, its so much more.  The diagram above shows some of the things that can occasionally be joint with Tourette’s.  As for me I have ADHD and anxiety, generally I get a seize-fire on tics when I’m cooking (I call it a miracle cure), but it only lasts for half an hour or so after cooking.

People can find different things to help tics, whether its singing, drumming, skating or cooking.  If its something you enjoy and enable you to concentrate you might be onto something.

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