Hey there, seeing that I’ve  stopped you on here I might as swell introduce myself…

My name is Sam, Samuel David or ZingyTiccer if you’re into video games.

I’ve always had a particular love for food, especially when I was young (meaning i never really stopped eating) Still don’t…

When I was eight I was diagnosed with a neurological condition called Tourette’s Syndrome.  It affects different parts of my brain, and causes difficult to control motor and vocal tics.  A lot of people may think Tourette’s is just swearing and shouting absurd things.

Granted a lot of the things that I say are absurd but the swearing part has it’s own sub-name,  ‘Coprolalia’ (if you could spell that without checking an online dictionary you deserve a medal…)

When I was young  and deciding what I wanted to do with my life, there were three things…  Educate, Learn… and cook.

Educate those who may not understand conditions such as Tourette’s, Anxiety, and the many other Neurological dis-orders so many people struggle daily with.

Learn all these things my-self, so I can continue help and maybe give advice to others.  Learn as much about food, so I can keep myself healthy and maybe fight Tourette’s with food someday

Then of-course cooking, I’ve always loved cooking and creating amazing things.  (Even though some may not have turned out so).
But one of the reasons for becoming a chef was the daily challenge and ‘rush of the chase’ every night during service.

So I can challenge myself…